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Organic wine, a family tradition

“Le Baite” organic wines are made only from hand-harvested grapes sourced exclusively from the company’s vineyards.
All wine making process, vinification, fermentation and bottling operations are carried out at the winery, with a healthy approach that respects the environment, its ecosystem and people.
And it is always by working in collaboration with nature, learning and respecting its cycles, harvesting the healthy fruits it gives, that the Baldessin family has created a deep bond with it. And in respect of this link, the family chooses to farm organically every day. We have also been following the vegan philosophy for many years, and neither in the field nor in the cellar are products of animal origin used.
We do not promise that every year the wine will be the same, nor that we will make all the labels in the catalogue. We are aware that we might have to say “sorry, we didn’t do it this year.” But what we would like to offer you is not a “market wine”, but a “hearty wine”, representative of the place where the vine “grows” and is not just cultivated. In any case, our wine is never produced below the quality standards we have set ourselves, at the expense of any economic law.

Organic Tour

The strong bond created over time with nature has been sealed by associating the four elements: earth, air, fire and water with the company’s organic wines. Elements that are also found physically within the company, and which we invite you to discover for yourself. Stefano and his family will be delighted to accompany you on your discovery of the Rasego spring river, which winds its way through fields of clay and caranto, crossed by ditches and protected by hedges of trees, some of them centuries old, willow, mulberry, sycamore and oak trees. We are proud to show you the centuries-old oak tree shading the vineyard, the old convent after which the location is named and, in the background, the Basalghelle forest. We are proud to offer you a sip of sulphurous water from the fountain that draws on an underground spring right in the farmyard. We are proud to walk with you through the wide, sunny rows. We are proud to walk on the grass, cut by hand with a scythe, and the wild flowers that attract bees, butterflies and ladybirds in spring. And finally, to show you the transformation of the pressed grape pomace into fertile hummus.

certificazione biologico Le Baite


The decision for our winery to produce organic wines dates far back in time. It was Rino Baldessin who laid the foundations of the future organic farm ‘Le Baite’ back in the early 1980s. He did not use synthetic products by choice in his vineyards and it was therefore natural for him to adhere to organic-mineral farming The Baldessin family already believed in the emerging organic sector, before certification bodies existed. Le Baite, in fact, will be one of the first farms to obtain the certificate in Italy, as evidenced by the certificate number itself: 00091, issued by the ‘Soil and Health’ organisation.

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